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Elevator Trader was created to allow elevator industry professionals to network and share experiences and information. Many very experienced elevator troubleshooters, engineers, code specialists, parts gurus, and elevator mechanics will view the forum posts to answer questions or share tips they have learned over the years. Every elevator mechanic that has worked in the field for a significant amount of time has come across a problem that is just baffelling. Elevator Trader will allow you to describe the problem in detail so other members can help get the issue resolved.


Given all the various makes and models of elevators even the best elevator person can be stumped by a confusing print. In the Print Talk forum you are invited to ask your questions about the specific circuit or operation that has you stumped. Most likely, at least one member can walk you through the tough part and get you back to fixing your elevator.

Also, bring your fault code questions. Depending on the equipment that you are working on, fault codes are not always available in the controller books. Sometimes the manufacture will add codes that are not clear or will steer you in the wrong direction. Here based on what the elevator is doing and the fault codes our members will help you get back on track.

Elevator Equipment and Controller Recognition

How many times have you gone to a job and realized you have no idea what type of equpment is staring back at you. Take some photos of the equipment on your camera phone or any other camera and upload them to our Photo Gallery. Chances are at least one member has information on the equipment. Make sure you try to get a shot of the controller data plate.



All of us in the elevator industry know how important good safety practices are to our well-being. If you have been working on elevators for a significant amount of time then most likely you've had some close calls. Please share those experiences with our members in the Safety Talk forum. It just might save a life one day. Work Safe!



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